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The lovely Catherin Zeta-Jones has been gaining Emmy buzz for playing the title role of the Cocaine Godmother, the Lifetime movie based on the life of notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco. Blanco is considered a drug trafficking pioneer who built an empire in Miami, and who could be just as deadly as any man in the drug trade. (She reportedly had over 200 people killed during her reign of terror.)  


As Zeta-Jones told Deadline, she “relished” playing Blanco because it was a deep character she could sink her teeth into. ”This character is the polar opposite of what I believe in morally and how I would want to live one’s life,” Zeta-Jones says. “There’s something fascinating about her when you think of her of a woman in that workplace.” Jones looked at Blanco as someone with “no redeemable qualities,” and she stood out in a male-dominated field. 


”I didn’t want people to find sympathy for her. ‘Oh she did it because she wanted her sons to have a better life…’ I don’t think so.” At the same time, Zeta-Jones did eventually feel for her a bit. “I think it’s because I admired her tenacity as a woman, as bad as she was.”  


The actress added, ”One would wonder why I would be so fascinated by a woman who came from the dregs of Medellin in Colombia, who became the queenpin of the drug trade war, when the drug war was at its height. Being a woman who was able to sustain the height of her career at the height of the drug war for such a long period of time…I just loved playing her.” 


Blanco loved The Godfather and named her son Michael Corleone. She also had a dog named Hitler, and as Zeta-Jones adds, “You can’t write this stuff. So you could imagine as an actor to have all these elements, what makes her tick?” 







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