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Music therapy is one of the many tools addiction specialists have in their arsenal to help people, and there are many recovery centers that utilize it. Now one music therapist has gotten a special award for her program, which has helped many people stay sober. 

 Judith Pinkerton has gotten recognition from the Academy of Country Music with a new award, the Lifting Lives Honor. She told Addiction Now, “I’m deeply grateful and honored to have been chosen. I am humbled to be the first chosen to represent 8,000 music therapists across that serve from pediatric cancer to addiction treatment and every population and work setting imaginable.” 

 Pinkerton runs her own non-profit music therapy center, and she accidentally learned the healing power of music when her husband was in the hospital. When he started listening to music, his blood pressure went down and he didn’t need medication. “My passion was immediately ignited,” Pinkerton continues. “I had no idea that the music therapy profession even existed.”  

 According to this report, Pinkerton sees 150 patients a week at an addiction center, and the program was refined and retweaked as she went along. (Pinkerton calls this the “the music medicine protocol.”)  

 When working with her patients, they make a playlist and examine their listening habits as a key to relieving trauma. “This music medication pill is a special formulation of music put in a sequence that honors our broad emotional continuum and helps us, at the same time, to reduce unsettledness. It’s also building greater peace and greater joy so it’s a deeply moving medical model that is not found in any other protocol.”  

 Pinkerton has also helped develop an app that will utilize her specific brand of musical therapy, and users can make their own playlists that can calm them down and help keep them from relapsing. 



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