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The return of Rosanne is the big surprise hit of this TV season, and whether it’s because the characters are pro-Trump and audiences would love a more right-leaning show, or if it’s just because they loved the original and wanted it back, it’s doing remarkable ratings. Whether you love Rosanne Barr or hate her, it’s always good to have John Goodman back, and now he’s currently openly talking about his addictions and how he got sober. 


As The Fix reports, Goodman and Barr went on Howard Stern, and Goodman admitted he had a drinking problem while they were doing the show the first time. “She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational,” he says. “She’d already had a husband go through the process.” And the actor admits he used to drink “anything that was wet and of a certain proof.”  


Goodman said the last four years of the show “were pretty bad, and I was drinking at work and [Barr] was scared for me. I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t stop.”  


Goodman is now reportedly eight years sober, and one of the biggest hurdles he had in getting sober was returning to his hometown of New Orleans. “I was really worried about going home. But you gotta figure, as many drunks as there are down there, there has to be as many sober people. So I found a good community and good support.”  



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