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Women and men experience addiction differently, and with Women’s History Month being celebrated, Forbes took a look at how addiction hits women differently than men.  

 As Lipi Roy reports, men are more like to become addicted, but “women are more likely to face greater challenges. Women experience addiction-related medical or social consequences faster than men, find it harder to quit, and are more vulnerable to relapse.” Alcohol has been known to hit women harder than men, and these statistics tell us that alcohol kills women more than opioids.  

 “Alcohol dependence develops faster in women than in men, as does alcohol-induced organ injury such as liver disease and brain damage,” Forbes reports. Alcohol hits women harder because they usually weigh less than men do, and their internal organs can suffer greater damage because their bodies “have less water and more fatty tissue,” and women have less water to dilute alcohol when it’s retained in fat. 

 Forbes also cited a report in the 2010 American Journal of Public Health that states that women can be more likely to be prescribed opioids than men, and one woman suffering from addiction told Forbes she was prescribed oxycodone before she became hooked on heroin. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported that women can be more susceptible to becoming hooked on opioids because women are more likely to be prescribed painkillers from chronic pain.  


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