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Xanax has proven to be a major problem in the hip-hop community, and a report in Vice states it has also been a troubling trend among teens in England, calling out the need for teen drug treatment.

Teens have been buying counterfeit Xanax off the dark web for cheap, or from local dealers. One teen was introduced to the drug at raves and parties, and he took them to take down his anxiety. “I was pretending I was using them recreationally when really I was reliant on them just to cope.”

Currently, teens in Britain are consuming Xanax at an alarming rate, to where it can seem in some places as common as smoking. As this report states, “The majority of adults have little idea these drugs are being abused, because they’re basically invisible until they become a problem.” One teen who got caught by his parents didn’t get mad when they saw his Xanax stash because they saw it as medicine, not something that can be abused.

Where Xanax may have peaked in the hip-hop scene after the deaths of Lil Peep and Fredo Santana, it’s becoming a real problem in Britain. In the States, reportedly one-third of fatal overdoses can be linked to benzodiazepine.

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