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Addiction and recovery have been portrayed in a number of movies and TV shows, and now a new TV show pilot about a sober living home, Halfway There, has been generating strong buzz at Sundance. The show is about a recovering addict played by Matthew Lillard, who is about to lose his sober living home, and he has to take in his wealthy alcoholic mother, played by Blythe Danner, to keep the place open.

A show like this could make a dark comedy hit, but it could also shed light on the importance of recovery and sober living homes. As writer Nick Morton told Collider, “I have a very wise man who is my sponsor. I guess there is a prohibition about talking about AA, but considering we just made a show about recovery, I acknowledge the fact that I am sober and I do go to meetings.”

As Nick Morton continues, “We talked about doing a show about a sober living house because it’s a place where people from all walks to life intersect. Addiction affects everybody. Then I got sober, and I could actually write about this.”

This show is being put together like an indie film, hence it being shopped at Sundance. And the way the show is set up, there’s the capacity for a lot of hilarity and drama, also showing how sobriety can create a lot of stressors in your everyday life. As the show’s director Rick Rosenthal explains, with Lillard bringing Danner into his sober living home, it helps keep the place open, but at the same time, “it also unleashes all of the demons he’s been trying to put to bed.

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