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Marlee Matlin is the acclaimed Oscar-nominated actress from Children of a Lesser God, and she also is one of many celebrities who has competed on Dancing With the Stars. But one of her proudest accomplishments is reaching her thirty-one-year milestone of sobriety.

As People reports, Matlin held up her sobriety medal on her Instagram on January 10, saying, “Ending my day, so grateful that today, I am celebrating exactly 31 years of sobriety.” She also used the hashtags #grateful #thankful #sober.

Matlin recalled that when she won a Golden Globe for her Children of a Lesser God performance, she checked in to rehab the next day. “It should have been the best time of my life,” she said. “And in a surreal way, it was. I had won a Golden Globe for my performance as the deaf, angry young woman in the film Children of a Lesser God. But that night I closed the door on Hollywood – at least for a time. Only a handful of people knew I was going to rehab.”

Matlin told CNN she turned to drugs to try and deal with the trauma of being sexually abused when she was young. “I masked it, and I covered it up,” she said in 2010. “And I masked it with drugs. And I masked it at a very early age with drugs…I never told anyone. I never told my parents. And yet, I never forgot it.”

After turning her life around, Matlin got married in 1993 and gave birth to three children.

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